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Martha McGrath

-- Senior Paralegal --

With over 24 years of dedicated service at Robin Clark Bevier's team, Martha McGrath is an indispensable asset and the right hand of Ms. Bevier herself. As a Senior Paralegal, Martha brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, particularly in the realms of business and probate matters. Her long-standing tenure reflects not only her deep commitment to the firm but also her extensive understanding of the intricate legal landscapes we navigate.


Martha's proficiency and insightful counsel have been pivotal in many complex cases, making her an invaluable resource to both our team and clients. Her ability to adeptly handle multifaceted legal scenarios is matched only by her dedication to client service, making her a cornerstone of our practice.


Leticia Herrera-Marquez

-- Office Manager / Senior Legal Assistant --

In her five years with the Robin Clark Bevier team, Leticia Herrera has proven to be an invaluable member, seamlessly blending the roles of Office Manager and Senior Legal Assistant. Her expertise and organizational skills ensure the smooth running of our office, making her a central figure in our day-to-day operations.

Leticia's role as a Senior Legal Assistant involves meticulous handling of legal documents and providing crucial support in legal matters, showcasing her versatile skill set. Her commitment to excellence and attention to detail have greatly contributed to the efficiency and success of our team.

Leticia's dynamic approach and dedication to her dual roles have made her a key player in upholding the standards of professionalism and quality service that define the Robin Clark Bevier team.


Our Gold River Office - A Community Pillar


Situated at the heart of Gold River, our office at 2479 Sunrise Boulevard stands as a testament to our commitment to serving and being an integral part of the community. Proudly located in this vibrant area, we are dedicated to providing expert legal services with a personal touch that reflects the spirit of Gold River. Our office's convenient location makes it easily accessible to residents, embodying our dedication to being a reachable and reliable legal resource for the community.




The efficiency and success of our firm are greatly enhanced by our dedicated support staff, a team of skilled professionals who are integral to our daily operations. These team members are often the first point of contact for our clients, handling phone calls with warmth and professionalism.

Their responsibilities extend far beyond answering phones; they are meticulous in managing paperwork, ensuring accurate processing and timely mailing. Additionally, they skillfully handle the scheduling of appointments, maintaining our calendars, and managing email correspondence with precision and attention to detail.

The ability of our support staff to adeptly manage these varied tasks is invaluable. Their commitment to accuracy and efficiency plays a crucial role in maintaining the smooth operation of our office, directly contributing to the high level of service our clients expect and receive.

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